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Newcastle’s funk/soul/hip-hop duo PSiMiTAR release their latest single, Profile. The song with its harmonious sea shanty style opening and choruses, sharp, glitchy beats and flowing bars talks about the climb for success and approval.

Here, the duo tells us more about what inspired the track…

The new single Profile is our most emotionally open tune. We talk about the pitfalls of relationships, both professional and personal, but mainly the feeling of existing in the pressures of the social media age. It’s a reminder that socials are a highlights reel, and to bear this in mind when we scroll endlessly, addicted to the highs, and the juxtaposition of the need to keep a low profile but also having to be constantly visible as an independent act. The battle of the desire for success with the necessity of solitude. 

Musically, I think it’s a really different tune compared to our other singles. We both have a pretty diverse taste in music, and when Steesh first played me the bare bones of the tune, it definitely gave me a Massive Attack / Portishead vibe. The slow pace and the bass-heavy feel give it almost a ‘trip hop’ feel, along with the melancholy lyrics and melody. There are definitely elements of songs like No Love Song by Children of Zeus and Circles by Mac Miller, both thematically and sonically. The layered vocals on the chorus and the softly spoken delivery give it a dark unnerving, atmospheric feel.

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