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Good Night, Amen is the debut release from Newcastle breakbeat junkie Product Toss. The five-track EP (complete with remixes from Newcastle up & comer Nectax and Leeds chaos head honcho Nova Cheq) explores the alluring sonic connections between complex drum arrangements, pulsating basslines, esoteric rhythms, and grime instrumentals. It’s a dynamic and euphoric listen that will no doubt fill the dance floors of many clubs around the country.

To celebrate the launch, record label Ape-X Records have organised a release party featuring Product Toss and other label artists at the Old Coal Yard on Saturday 7th May.

Here, the artist tells us what inspired this latest release…

Growing up I was around a lot of music with friends and family playing/making music. With so many different styles hitting me I think I’ve gathered a lot of inspiration and interest from a variety of areas. As a kid, we listened to a lot of John Peel shows, where he’d played a Hardcore tune, followed by the White Stripes. I think growing up around this sort of variety and freedom to explore music was a huge influence on me. Though what pushed me over the past couple of years was the people around me now. Seeing my friends work hard at something and reap the rewards from it. Back home in Sheffield my close friend Aubrey Trnql always inspired me to do this. He’s been making music since I first met him in around 2007/2008 and you can see his passion for it. His work is amazing, he’s done so many great projects with other artists and he’s pushed himself to do that. Seeing him enjoy what he does so much, succeed from it and learn has been a huge push for me. Similarly, in Newcastle when I started University here, I met Shawn Cartier. We met through skateboarding, though over the years he was skating less and focusing more on music. I was really happy for him and am really hyped. Seeing someone you know push it and work at it to then build success from it and develop from it is wicked. Especially within lockdown also, I had to keep myself occupied. Other than skating, music was something I had done before to express myself, but I’d never taken it further than a bit of one-off fun. With the way the Newcastle club scene is progressing at the moment, this was something I wanted to get involved in; to work with these amazing people that I’ve met here. I wanted to be part of something like this; a movement where the whole community pushes each other. 

In terms of influences within wider music, I would have to pinpoint Martyn. For me, it’s his rhythmic work twinned with the bright sounds he uses. It’s atmospheric without trying too hard to be. It’s so shuffley and gets you moving. Perfect for a club or just having a stroll, or in the car, anywhere. Everything he makes seems so emotive and genuine. After hearing his work for the first time, I wanted to do the same. I love the way it often transcends genres, and that’s something I look to do with my own work. I had the chance to see him a couple of years ago but it was cancelled because of Covid. I was devastated.

My EP ‘Goodnight, Amen’ will be released on 6th May 2022. I’m so excited for this. There’s some tunes I’ve worked on a while back and come back to and I think it’s a great demonstration of my sound. Also, it was a privilege having Nectax and Nova Cheq on the remixes, they absolutely smashed it. It’s had such amazing support and those two definitely helped push this further. It’s amazing to hear their interpretations of what I once made, I love it. This Saturday (7th May), Ape-X have organised an event at the Old Coal Yard to showcase the release. Myself, Becky Woodcock and Nectax will be playing up until midnight. It should be amazing. It’s playing with these two that links to the point I was making before, about wanting to work with others in the scene. I’m so lucky to have met such great people; to be supported and to support those around me. The people that are being creative and pushing electronic music in the North East. Ape-X have done so much for me in that respect. I truly can’t thank them enough. From putting on incredible nights in town week in, week out, to promoting and pushing my own release. I can safely say Ape-X have cemented themselves as part of my experience living in Newcastle.

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