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Middlesbrough outfit President are a band who have been writing and recording together for the best part of 30 years. In the late eighties, the group signed a recording and publishing deal with Blue Mountain (U2’s publisher), Island Records and Rekords UK. Their first single, European Summer, received rave reviews, plenty of radio play from the likes of BBC Radio 1, and charted in the UK charts during the Summer of ‘87. 

Over the lockdown period, President decided to re-record and release Lovechild, an old crowd favourite and the first track they demoed prior to their record deal Lovechild as a single alongside the original 1986 demo version and a dance mix version.

Lovechild is available now on all good streaming platforms. Here, lead vocalist and guitarist Tony Wright tells us what inspired the track, in its various incarnations…

The track was initially inspired by a dream I had way back in 1985 I had this vivid dream. I was on a moor as the sun was setting with apparitions of a woman coming towards me then disappearing, it’s hard to explain but it was so vivid. The song is essentially a love song based around this ghostly girl, a forbidden love.

LoveChild (Radio Mix)
The single radio mix was produced in the Jungle Room (my studio) and was recorded over a period of four months with the final mix being mastered March 2022.  It was amazing to finally get the band in so they were able to complete their own individual pieces. Once the recording was completed, I mixed and mastered the track.

Lovechild (HuskyMix)
Husky‘s mix is a version that Craig created as an alternative version to the single . We just wanted to have three versions of the same song on the EP, something for the diehard supporters, something for the new supporters and something that was a little bit different to our normal releases.

Lovechild (1986 Version)
This original version was recorded in Flames Studios London from 2nd to 4th of April 1986.  At the start of this project we decided to digitally remaster the track so Husky (Craig – keyboard) did this in his mastering studio. What was a transition from tape to digital was perfectly produced. We are incredibly delighted with this version and for the very first time in 30 plus years everyone will get to hear the track in all its glory.

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