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Middlesbrough’s new wave garage rockers Pellethead release their latest single Fjord Blues to stream/download on Friday 2nd October. Recorded at Goosed Records’ recording studio in a few hours, the song is about the feeling of not belonging, of not feeling a connection with the people that surround you, something that some of you might be able to relate to during a time of lockdowns and social distancing.

We speak to Alan, who wrote the song whilst working abroad, about what inspired it…

Our new single was recorded last year. At the time I (Alan) was working for a British company in Oslo on an IT project for a Norwegian supermarket. 

I was fascinated by how the Norwegian’s lived and worked. They finished at a reasonable time, everyone was on a decent wage, they loved being outdoors and in the countryside, they really seemed to have a work life balance. 

Most of my British colleagues just complained about local food – “fish again!” – and we’re only interested in going out to restaurants and drinking. There were some exceptions though. And when an evening excursion was organised of kayaking in the waters around Oslo I jumped at the chance. 

I thought everyone was a beginner like me but it turned out that almost all of them were experienced and some even competed. So we ended up going for miles at high speed and I really struggled to keep up, ended up with hands covered in blisters and almost got run over by a ferry. I thought that I didn’t fit in with any of my colleagues. Fjord Blues is the story of that trip and feeling cutoff from the people around me. Then COVID hit and now we probably all feel like that!

Artwork by Shaun Elliott

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