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North East five-piece Park View continue a run of epic single releases by offering up a double dose of cinematic indie on their latest release. The band release double A-side Come Alive and Sleeping On Your Feet on 9th December, and here they tell us more about the tracks.

Come Alive is our most energetic single yet, about navigating the nightlife in our great city of Newcastle, inspired by the likes of the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.

A lot of the ideas behind the guitars came from garage/alt. rock around the 00s – fast-paced and rhythmic to keep the song moving, filling out the sound without it feeling too clustered. The power chords ringing throughout the verses came from the persistent keyboards in All My Friends by LCD Sound system.

At its core, Come Alive is about being young, going out and making the same mistakes we all do when we’re this age; all the while being hopeful there’s more to life. “Something’s hiding, in another day. You can find it, if you can only stay awake” kicks off the outro of the song, and I think that pretty much sums up what we’re trying to say.

Sleeping on Your Feet was written after I shared a Metro home with some bloke who wouldn’t stop shouting down the phone. The verses recite the harsh reality of life however the chorus peels off into a more romantic side showing no matter how hard it gets there’s always someone or something out there to make it all OK.

I’ve always loved acoustic songs and was brought up to do so with the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and James Taylor frequently being played in the car by my Dad. The riff however came about after butchering a Stevie wonder clav section on the wrong fret in the wrong order.

If I could’ve said “This one goes out to…” at the start of the song I probably would’ve dedicated it to the people who graft their socks off and can’t find a way to mentally escape from it all. I think I was being dramatic coming home from work and writing this song, it was only a six hour shift in retail but if I’m able to express my feelings and ideas in a way in which people can get on board with then that’s brilliant (especially if they enjoy the tune).

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