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Melodic Sunderland-based rockers NTGB prepare to release their new track, There’s No Ghosts In This Town, on 15th December. Here, bassist, guitarist and backing vocalist Nick talk’s about their inspiration behind the song…

There’s No Ghosts In This Town came together fairly quickly after a bit of a break from writing and recording. I just picked up my acoustic one day, and hummed the tune over the chords then quickly recorded the melody on my phone. It was probably the next day when I recorded a rough demo on the pc and sent it over to Gaz (lead vocals) and Steve (rhythm guitar) to gauge their opinions – at that point I was concerned it sounded like something else but they assured me not, so I ploughed on with it.

The lyrics came together quickly too, its essentially a song about hope – how that even when things are negatively coming to an end you can still turn it around. And also how the exposure of social media etc. doesn’t help when things are bleak. But its got uplifting vibes and the overall message is positive – I promise.

Once the tempo was decided and the demo was done, I set about the arrangement and laying down the bass/guitar/vocal parts in my bedroom studio. I have just picked up an Aclam Dr Robert pedal so envisaged this song to have a strong Beatles/Revolver feel as it was used on almost all the guitars. Gaz came over and laid down his vocal, Andy sent me his keys over in a file he recorded at his, which dropped over the top of the demo, and myself and Steve went into Overall practice rooms in Washington to lay down the louder guitar parts (so my neighbours didn’t call the police or try to drive me out of the area).

Once everything minus the drums was down, myself and drummer Mark had a couple of hours practice to firm the drum parts before taking to First Avenue studio to record them properly over our pre recorded files.

The mix we came out with from there was very different to what I expected, but in a good way.

This is how we always work. We are not a band that rehearse together, or focus on live playing and gigs (although we are not ruling that out). We’ve all done that previously – most of us have kids now and full time jobs, so it’s nice to have this going on in the background in an unforced, chilled out and “in it’s own time” kinda way.

Years ago I think I was overly obsessed with image and playing live – I wouldn’t leave the house without a Fred Perry polo and Levi’s on. Whereas these days I’m living my best life popping over the shops for a bag of Tatey’s or bottle of milk in my Primark trackie bottoms. But I will never wear Crocs…


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