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Presenting their chaotic creations of punk-influenced bangers, North East quartet Northern Hospitality unveil their latest single, Lust For Living. Here, songwriter Gaz Price explains the thought process behind the song…

“Lust For Living was born from a combination of ideas really. Unlike our other songs which have been fully crafted on an acoustic and formulated with a set structure. This was more of a fluid ball of energy that we, as a band, formed together. 

“We wanted a song that was packed with dynamics and just blew heads clean off from the start to finish. The guitars feel very classic rock, blended with a grunge punk feel to them, which really does sum us up as a band in this chapter of our journey. Taking inspiration from bands like Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Green Day, we really wanted to drive that live and raw feel into each part of this song!

“Lyrically I never really set any themes out before I sit down to write, whatever comes out while I play it sets the tone and I just expand from there! This one was a pretty quick pull together – I think we’ve all either ourselves needed a brotherly nudge towards a better life or had friends that do, so it’s a solid universal message for a pretty vicious track to be honest.”



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