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Teesside indie outfit Northern Hospitality drop their latest single, Don The Balaclava. The track with its punchy beats, wailing guitar and snarling vocals, is a tale of standing tall and refusing to accept what life has given you. 

Here, lead singer Gaz Price tells us what inspired it…

Don The Balaclava like all Northern Hospitality songs was written on the acoustic first. I’ve always found that you can get the purest essence of a song if it can hold up on the trusty Dreadnought. 

Even though this song is the epitome of a punk anthem, it really flowed well when I started throwing the chords and melodies together back in the beginning of the process. 

Our songs and sound have grown over the first year of this band and I feel the production and energy has been a perfect building block for us to unleash a song like this! 

I’ll be honest most of our songs are not thought out beforehand, they all come from feeling – which sounds a bit pretentious I know, but if I can get my own sense of euphoria and adrenaline fuel from what we’ve crafted, then surely that’s how it will come across to others who listen. Fingers crossed anyway haha! 

I brought the song to the band and it came together pretty quick. We all added our own dynamics and flavour to it, with the end product being what we would call a classic Northern Hospitality sound. 

Lyrically this song followed the feel to the guitars, kicking the door in stance to standing tall. A refusal to accept what life has given you and a belief that it is all there for the taking, you just have to seize your opportunities and make it happen. 

It has become a favourite of our live set throughout our last few festival shows, you can’t beat a good crowd bounce and big chorus. 

We couldn’t be happier with how the 3 singles we’ve launched this year have been received. Next year is looking to be a big one, we feel the only way we can cement that is with our debut EP!

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