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Newcastle-based genre mashers Midnight Jazz Club have unveiled the new video for their latest single, Lucid Element. Ingeniously combining elements of electronic, progressive and rock sounds, the band – which is made up of permanent members Chris Southern (keys, programming, electronics) and Craig Rootham (bass) Chris Bowe (guitars) – often recruit vocalists to further widen their musical scope. Lucid Dream features Mobius vocalist Héli Andréa, whose resonant tones add a reverent touch to the powerful track.

Here, guitarist Chris Bowe talks about their inspirations behind the video for the track, which was recorded remotely in both Gateshead and France.

The original version of Lucid Element always ran under the working title of simply ‘Element’ which was pretty much orphaned between being slightly too late for our debut album in 2017 and seemingly not the right fit for our doomed second album that never saw the light of day. It was always a track we kept coming back to, as we both (Chris Southern and Chris Bowe) liked it, but never felt like any of the many versions did it justice. To progress the song, I added a melody and wrote some lyrics based around the loose concept of the words in the sample that repeats, with no real idea who was going to sing on the track. Our 2017 album has three guest singers that add a different edge to each song they appear on, and this was something we wanted to continue explore.

After speaking to a friend who I regularly turn to for feedback on works in progress, he suggested contacting a singer from France named Héli Andréa who sings in a French progressive metal band, Mobius. Héli loved the instrumental version and agreed to appear on the song. Hearing her vocals on the track, we immediately knew we’d made the right decision, and it was also very surreal to hear the lyrics and melody I had written some time ago, come to life with this ethereal and powerful voice.

When we were almost finished recording the track, we knew it was a song we would like to try and record a video for, but COVID restrictions were still pretty tight at this point. Not wanting to sit on the track for too long we went ahead with plans to record the video anyway. We did this separately with the band in shot together in Gateshead, and Héli performing at home in France. The idea for the video was pretty simple, close ups of our playing, interesting angles, obscure head shots… An elusive vibe I guess.

After seeing some of Lewis Dodds’ (Doddsfilm) work, and a quick chat to him, I knew he was the guy to get the shots and angles we needed and he did an amazing job capturing the exact mood we were after. We shot the video at In Heart Studios in Gateshead, which really had the feel and warmth the room we needed.

I really wanted to try and edit this myself, which I enjoyed to an extent and learnt a lot in the process, but I don’t exactly want to go and do another one right away! After doing a quick edit of the video I really wanted to get some feedback from experienced friends, and from this advice I looked to incorporate even more of the title theme into the video. For example, all the shots between the band are straight cuts whereas the cuts to and from Héli all fade into view in a dream-like fashion.

I’m really happy with how the end product came out, and I think it suits the vibe of the song well.


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