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Politically-outspoken Irish avant-garde punk producer Meryl Streek has released his debut album 796 via Gallows’ owned Venn Records and will be stopping by the region to play a show at Zerox, Newcastle on Wednesday 25th January   The album is a hard-hitting and impassioned offering that uses a plethora of genres (rock, electronic and hip-hop to name a few) to deliver powerful political messages that aren’t afraid to call out all the wrongdoers in society that make our already hard lives so much worse. 

Ahead of the Newcastle show, the incensed crafter of sounds tells us what inspired this latest release…

Inspiration for 796 came from what happens around us every single day. And what more than half of us choose to ignore. We’re getting absolutely pissed on by our governments and so-called leaders. I came to realize how rigged the game was and said fuck this I’m gonna make this as direct as possible. I started messing around with samples and playing sub-bass plug-ins through my windows PC keyboard then naturally went down the rabbit hole on weed and cans of coke. I’m absolutely outraged at the Irish government for destroying Ireland yet again. We’re in the worst housing crisis we’ve had since 1642 because Fine Gail & Fianna Fail have been in charge for 12 years. We’ve about 13,000 people living on the streets and that’s 3,500 children and they don’t care. The media are being paid to pretend this isn’t going on. Hospitals out the door and people left on trolleys in A&E for days. And to save my time and yours I’m not going to even start on the Catholic church my point is why the hell should we even have to? My friend Rick introduced me to Ableton a while back (after being a drummer for 15 years) and I’ve been chopping samples and making weird sounds on it ever since. Now that I know music can be a genuine weapon I won’t be stuck for topics to give out about, the way the world is headed!

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