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Versatile MC and singer Max Gavins builds on his considerable acclaim so far to release his new single, 3, 2, 1, this month. Having initially made a name for himself as a rap battle hero, his collab with 90BRO under the RuMaz moniker has seen him thrust again into the spotlight in the region, thanks to a pitch-perfect blend of melody, beats and an impeccable flow.

Latest single 3,2, 1 is a quirky, alternative rap banger that balances a chilled, warped beat and a bouncy, punchline-laced flow. Produced by Max himself, the song showcases both his ability to put together an infectious arrangement, and his songwriting abilities.

Here, he tells us more about the inspiration behind the song…

3, 2, 1 kind of fell out of the sky for me. Towards the end of last year I began work on a concept album that is quite emotive and dark in places, and one thing I like to do when working on a bigger project is make these little ‘side songs’ that are pointed in a totally different direction. It’s partly so I don’t drive myself mad working on the same things over and over and partly to let other avenues of creativity and different feelings come to the surface.

I was just making beats one day and started experimenting with this warpy synth sound and it immediately reminded me of the early 2010s era of ‘weirdo’ alternative rap that I’d really enjoyed in my teens. The early releases of guys like A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, The Creator that really put them on the map had that sort of psychedelic feel to their instrumentals, so I tried to incorporate a bit of that, and I guess the pitched vocal hook I did is a natural fit for that sort of song.

Stylistically and lyrically, I think the track also taps into a bit of the current UK underground sound a la Blah Records and High Focus too. Obviously this is all mixed in with David Brent quotes and references to old Newcastle players because it’s me and because why not? I made sure I just relaxed and had fun with writing it, and then delivering it.

I’ve recently acquired my own bedroom set-up and I’m feeling a lot more in control of my music. This track is written, produced, recorded and mixed by me (shoutout to E-Mence on mastering it though!), and I even did the artwork and edited the video, so it feels really good to get this one out there.

It’s just a silly little song to take my mind off the heavier stuff I was writing at the time, and I hope the people enjoy it. The album, by the way, should be out later this year.”


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