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Max Bianco and The BlueHearts drop their brand new single Can’t Wait To Wake Up In The Morning. The track, produced by the band’s drummer Ian Griffith, is a spirited folky number, complete with Bianco’s warm Dylan-esque vocals and complemented with mood making piano and lively electric licks. The B-side Where Did All The Time Go is a more spacious sounding affair with melodic reminiscing and haunting instrumentation. 

The single is inspired by hope, as lead singer and songwriter Max Bianco explains…

The new single, Can’t Wait To Wake Up In the Morning was a strange one to record. I had actually written the song in April/May one morning after attending a BLM demonstration, 2020. I was shocked how much the world was falling apart and everyone seemed to be frightened. I try to be optimistic in general and that seemed to be what the song was about. Maybe the world was changing, but would it end up being for the better? 

I’ve always written songs, poetry and some short stories. My usual point of topic in songwriting is mental health. That could be about anyone. I sometimes hide more serious topics with a love story. Sadie is about a relationship with narcotics more than it is about a woman I once knew. I guess it doesn’t usually matter what the songwriters point may be, I think songs become more accessible if the listener can relate personally. Songs mean different things to different people. So usually, I don’t explain myself when it comes to whatever that particular song is about. This new single is a little different, I guess, because it is about a lot of things with one point of view. A lot of big things that all happened at once, and I’m trying to be a little more excited about the future if we don’t manage to destroy it.

My band are all great. We all come from very different backgrounds but that’s what makes it work. I never tell the lads what to play on any of the songs, unless there is something precise I have in mind but they just seem to know what to do every time. We have Oli Steggles on lead guitar, Sean-Patrick O’hanrahan on the keys, Francis Botcherby on the Bass, and Ian Griffith on The drums. Ian also produced the new single. It was recorded this year in his music shed since we never found the opportunity to get together as a band last year but managed to this year, and I think the song is still relevant. We (Ian and I) just recorded it as a two-piece, acoustic guitar and vocals, and Ian on his drums. It was a strange way for us to record as I usually prefer the live get together and go with the best take. We just sent the basics of the song off to the rest of the lads and just waited for their parts to all come back. It was fun to watch more of the technical side as Ian mixed the song up.

I guess the track wasn’t influenced by anyone since it came from a very educational demonstration for BLM in Cambridge. That was the final “wake-up, I need to say something!” after all the bad news filling the pot at the time. I just felt sad. How could we all do this to each other?  How could we do this to our own home, disgrace our own bed. The bushfires of Australia, Global Warming, Racism, Fascism on the rise, the slaughter of George Floyd, Covid 19. The world shutting down more and more every day, and Humanity’s biggest test. For the first time in history, We could watch our own destruction LIVE in the palms of our hands. Something was bugging me to try and let everyone know that we can get through this, and maybe everything might be alright.



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