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Newcastle’s hard-hitting hardcore outfit, Lull, drop their latest single Your Time, a pulsating and rather catchy, battering of riffs, rhythms and relentless vocal, which smash together to create an anthemic rock track with a menacing mob intensity. 

The track is released ahead of their show with Glitterer at the Cluny on Sunday 11th September and was recorded coming off the back of their massive support show with USA shoegaze giants, Nothing.

Here, the band tell us about their inspirations…

LULL was formed during the lockdowns in the UK, inspired by a wide range of music. 

Mainly hardcore, grunge, alternative and 90’s post-hardcore. Our sound was crafted with strong gritty vocals, heavy bass-driven grooves, punk-rock style drumming and with melodic, open guitar playing. 

Our work is a product of our environment, we’re North-East kids who take an autobiographical approach to writing in the lyrics and music. It’s about what we’ve seen and been through, what we feel, how we’re changing and how the world is changing. Going through the journey of life. The ups and downs of the human experience. And if our music can make a positive impact and bring people closer together or have them feel something that helps in any way that’s what inspires us the most.

Our work has a lot of influence sonically from bands such as title fight, basement, fiddlehead, anxious, drug church, military gun movements, Nothing, Citizen, Story So Far. We’re all big fans of Run for cover, Pure Noise, Venn Records. We’ve often been hard to pigeonhole and find our sound, although it has an element of what we like to listen to. It also stands on its own two feet and people often just describe it as LULL… 

With our latest work, I feel we’ve really matured and came into our stride after now having the experience of touring and playing with bands such as Nothing, Lapyear, Dudetrips, Slowmove and Knives Chau Fan Club.

We’ve continued to experiment and up the pace on a few new tracks. With the intent to have an energy-packed show with a lot to move around to whilst singing along at the top of your lungs. I believe we’ve let the hardcore influence shine through a lot more but also brought forward a lot more melodic elements. Our Latest single ‘Your Time’ is a good example of what I’m talking about I believe.

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