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Whitley Bay singer-songwriter Luke Porter drops his brand new EP, The Truth Lies Behind. The five track offering, which includes recent release You Don’t See In Me What I See In You, combines folky storytelling and anthemic indie that emanates a nineties Britpop sound, but with qualities that feels more like it has been nurtured in Greenwich Village than in Blair’s Britain. 

Here, Luke tells us about what inspired his latest release…

My New EP The Truth Lies Behind has many different inspirations 

Firstly, each of the tracks have different meanings behind them, this creates a different set of musical and lyrical inspirations. 

The first track You Don’t See In Me What I See In You was influenced by folk and country music. When I wrote the song I knew it wanted to have that western feel about it. The title reminded me of grassroots blues and country. So inspirations I took for the song were people like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. Obviously the snare drum with the brushes and the chords are very Johnny cash as much as they are like Dylan. 

The second track on my EP, In Everything There’s You, is a bit like a game of Scrabble. You can understand the meaning of the song and the soul of it but the lyrics are very much different lyrical ideas put together. My inspiration for this was Everything Everything; they have a song called no reptiles and some of the lyrics are a bit like a Scrabble board. I really liked the song I wrote but didn’t know if other people would. I looked back on no reptiles and realised people like that so hopefully they would not discard the lyrics in everything there’s you. 

My third song I’ll Let The Day Pass Through was a song that sprung out of nowhere. I feel like it had been sitting on my chest for a while and it finally came out. I was listening heavily to Leonard Cohen at the time. He inflicted me to spew the lyrics out. 

The 4th track On the EP is Future’s Still A Dream. I wrote this song over a year ago on a stroll along the promenade in Whitley bay where I’m from in the evening.  I was reading war poems at the time and the first line of the song “the tranquil sunset magnifies the beauty of being alive in such troubled times” is what came out as a result. I love that line in the song. It echoes some of the war poems poignantly as it creates a sense of hope. 

The bonus track on the ep, It’s Not Fair To Live In Fear, is a political song, which I’m not really a big writer of. I’m not going to stay shy of the fact the song was written about these strange times that we are living in. ‘How’s is that going to help when the problems lie in the foundations of our society’ is my favourite line from it. I was listening to John Lennon’s song Gimme Some Truth at the time of me writing the song. I think it echoes it well and expresses my political opinion of the current climate just like John did. I recorded it live with my twelve string in the studio to make it as raw as possible. I think me recording it like that was because I heard a demo John Lennon had done of Strawberry Fields. I loved the rawness of it so that music inspired me to record it like that 

General influences of mine that inspired me to write and record my new EP The Truth Lies Behind consist of Alan hull, Bob Dylan, John Lennon.

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