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Teesside’s rising stars Llovers continue to establish themselves as one of the North-East’s finest with their latest single release, Honestly – the second track to be taken from debut EP Things That I Don’t Understand, out 30th October. Produced by Chad Male (Cape Cub) the single is released via Think Tank? Records and will be available on all digital platforms. Here, the band discuss their inspiration behind this track and the upcoming EP.

The EP has been in motion since the end of last Summer. We wanted it to be a collection of songs which are characteristically Llovers, but we didn’t want any track on the EP to be the same. When we were thinking of who to do the EP with, it was kind of a no brainer for us to work with Chad Male of Cape Cub. He took us on our first-ever run of dates, we played our first Teesside show with Cape Cub and he’s seen us live so many times, so he really gets our sound. 

 What I really like about the EP is the fact that it’s been recorded in so many places. We did the drums in Blank Studios, we did the guitars in people’s bedrooms or flats and most of the vocals were done at my uni. I think we work better that way, rather than trying to force something out in the space of a week, we took our time with everything and if something wasn’t right, it could be easily corrected. 

We put Coming Loose out a few months ago fas a reintroduction back to us, as it had been a while since we last released music, we felt that it was a good track to come back with because it’s a decent indie pop track which we thought people would like. A big rumour went round on YouTube that it was going to be used as one of the tracks on FIFA 20. That would have been nice, but unfortunately, it’s just a rumour. We have been playing Coming Loose and one of the other tracks on the EP, Do You Know for a while now so it’s been nice to get that out there and have people know the words.

Sonically, we tried to be different on every track. Your Time, My Mind is a track which features no guitars and it was the last song to be added to the EP which is something we’ve never done before, we’re becoming more and more interested in experimenting and not relying on the instruments that we play. 

A couple of the tracks, Change and Honestly have been around in a really raw form for about a year or so. Chad really helped us work out a good direction to take these songs in whilst still maintaining the demos’ original feel. We’re particularly proud of Honestly, we really like the way that it sounds and it goes down really well when we play it live as well.

As much as the EP has been a labour of love, we’re looking forward to getting it out there so we can move onto the next Single/B Side and the next EP, which are all written. I’m really looking forward to getting a particular song out there, but realistically it won’t be out for another 6 months or so. Until then the EP is out 30th of October, so give it a listen if you like what we’re about.

Llovers perform at The Georgian Theatre, Stockton on Friday 13th September. Tickets are £7 and available here.

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