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Middlesbrough’s maestro of the mic, Leddie MC drops her new track, Answer Me, her tongue in cheek ramblings from a disgruntled atheist. The song is a rework of a previous release which was pulled because of sample issues (goddamn you copyright) and reworked with a new beat from DJ Uppercut and mixed and mastered by Svnty6 Production. Here, Leddie tells us about the inspiration behind the track.

So, the inspiration behind my track – Answer Me, was I kinda feel like God has something against me, personally. I feel like I’m always a minute late, or a day short, and that it’s some kind of personal vendetta… which is fine, but I’m ready to throw hands, this is on sight beef with God. I started thinking of all the praise he’s given – all he has supposedly created and given us, but then at the same time, if he does everything, he also creates the bad. So I figured, if he is willing to take all the credit and glory, he also has to be able to accept the blame. I’m an Atheist… I think… and I mentioned that in the track, too. I basically ask him a bunch of whys that have always bothered me, and they range from him giving AIDS to babies, to asking why he took Pac and Biggie to give us The Migos, and why he ever let ‘mumble rap’ become a thing. Although the subject matter is very heavy, I’ve tried to add a few light-hearted bars in there, too. 

The last few years, I’ve suffered a lot of loss within my family, which is no secret to anyone that follows my music, and I touch upon that as well. I would like to think there is a God, a giant man in the sky making all these decisions and deciding whether or not we deserve certain opportunities, disease, losses because If In some bizarre twist of fate, I do actually make it to heaven, he definitely has some explaining to do!

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