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Gateshead singer-songwriter Keiran Bowe drops his latest single, Hinny. Although it is not an X-mas song, this track seems to capture both of its archetypal moods. The first half with its tender guitar and earnest singing tones will no doubt tug on the heartstrings of those looking out the window into the snowy night awaiting loved ones to return in time for Christmas Day. The second half however, with its big vocals, euphoric rhythms and wailing solo could easily soundtrack the carpet tiled dance floors of office parties everywhere as paper crown wearing admin assistants bounce up and down in celebration at the spot where the photocopier usually is.

But enough about the track’s sonic qualities. Here, Keiran tells us more about what inspired it… 

Hinny is the song I’ve always wanted to write. Since we put the EP out in May, I gave myself a lot of time, focusing on my mental health, where I needed change, particularly in my job role, and doing this really gave me a much clearer mind. This then enabled me to almost loosen the shackles and really look at personal events, which have happened over the years, with a magnifying scope, Hinny being the first of these. 

My biggest inspiration has always been Marc Bolan of T.Rex, I honestly think the bloke was way ahead of his time, an absolute genius, but at the time of writing Hinny I was listening to a range of different artists. However, its Wolf Alice’s recent album Blue Weekend which sticks out. Ellie Rowsell has always had me transfixed with how she captures emotion within a song, a slow burner and then a huge chorus that just hits you out of nowhere, evident in the track How Can I Make It Ok? and I suppose this is where Hinny draws its inspiration from. 

I really wanted to unleash my emotion with this one. It’s an older and wiser me looking back at a particular emotional scenario me and my mother found ourselves in and my sort of, reassurance message to her that you don’t need to worry about your son. I really took my time with our producer, Lyndon Philliskirk, explaining the whole story behind it and how I wanted it to be a reflection of the build-up of my emotion at the time. That’s why we purposely started with the piano, guitar and vocals and then bang, the whole arrangement just comes out at once, hitting you right in the face.

We’ve put a mini tour together to accompany the single, and you can catch us at Tyne Bank Brewery on 12th December to witness Hinny in all its glory live.

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