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Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Keddy Sowels drops his latest single Reflection, a song about society and how we view money, consumerism, capitalism, work, and freedom. 

Here, Keddy tells us a little more about what inspired the track…

He’s mainly a guitar player so most of his songs have guitar fitted in, from acoustic to electric. Keddy’s songwriting is influenced by a multitude of artists including Sam Fender, Ren, Ed Sheeran and Catfish And The Bottlemen.

Reflection is a song about society. In this song, I cover topics that include consumerism, capitalism, greed, how we view money, and freedom. A lot of my songs cover societal issues and topics, but this song is one of my most meaningful songs by far.

Most of my songs stem from Indie and alternative rock, but this song is very different as it is mainly electronic/hip-hop and rap. Like many songs, this song serves as a mirror to the listener, hence why it is called reflection. Yes, if you listen to the lyrics, it does sound like I’m an angry young man who is just annoyed at the world, but maybe I am annoyed at a lot of the issues we face in this modern world.

The whole point of this song is to encourage listeners to reflect on themselves and their lifestyle, and to ask more questions about the world we live in.

To conclude, I have not released this song with the intention of it being commercially successful as I know that the probability of that is low, being that this song is so political and covers deeper thinking topics. I honestly don’t care about the streams and the stats regarding this song, but I hope this song will resonate with many, many people and I hope that people will be able to get something out of listening and possibly relating to the lyrics.

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