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County Durham music maker Jordan Caygill drops his new album, Chimera, a self-produced album released via Position Music, a Los Angeles based label. The composer, who has had music featured on Terminator: Dark Fate’ The Outsider (based on the 2018 Stephen King novel) and promotional campaigns for America’s Got Talent, tells us more about what inspired his release…

I was inspired to write this record based on two different sources of music genres & combining them together. I played in an Iron Maiden tribute band some years back, I have always been influenced by rock & metal music & decided, it was time for me with my publisher to produce a record I hadn’t done before. 

There is a lot of other things that came into account when thinking about this record, I am an observant person & take in my surroundings a lot. For instance, allow me to explain.

Its definition to me at the time, Chimera whilst one night camping in the British Pennines, made a lot of sense about how I was feeling, the things I was seeing online & how our social construct is rapidly changing within society. The way we interact with one another is so centred around technology, I feel we are cross breeding two worlds or shall I say maybe, co-existing in two separate realities as one source of existence. Referring back to Chimera & social media, it feels like people are creating their own fabricated constructs, providing the people that see us/them with our self-representing identities or code. For me my reality is music in the studio where I can shape & create anything that enters my mind & outside in the real world it is my Chimera or my second set of DNA/reality. For those that do not know, Chimera is that of two sets of DNA to make a code, of two separate organisms, it is also a mythical creature within Greek Mythology. In some ways I was inspired by the idea of a matrix, the idea that we recognise reality for how we perceive it but there could be an entirely different variant awaiting us in the near future or right before our eyes, we just cannot see it yet. This record is aggressive, Bad ass & explores a lot of my frustrations with my speech disability. The fact I have had music placed in Hollywood blockbusters like Terminator Dark Fate & many other music placements in media again, always inspires me to do better & progress.

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