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There’s not been a great deal to shout (in a positive manner) in 2020, but the return of Thornaby’s hip-hop figurehead, Jister, from his musical hiatus has been a welcome and nice bit of news to cling on to. He follows up his first single of the year, Tomato Soup (which he released early March) with Boredom Of The Bees, the second single from his upcoming EP, Poetry Not Prose.

The rapper, who has shared the bill with some of the biggest artists in the UK such as Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Chase and Status and Scroobius Pip, has a reputation as being a quick-witted poet and an exciting live act and his latest offering with its vocal buzzing around a thudding, hypnotic beat, will delight fans old and new. 

To get a little more insight into what the track is about, we asked Jister to tell us about the inspiration behind it…

The main inspiration behind Boredom of The Bees was how absolutely fucked everything is at the minute. 

With most of my songs, one lyric or idea pops into my head then I just let my brain take the wheel. The opening lyrics; ‘The bees are over flowers, the birds are bored of trees’ popped into my brain as a good idea, then I thought of the following line ‘the fish are getting sick of it from the Tyne to the Tees’ and the rest of the song just came tumbling out.

I felt that birds being bored of trees and bees being ‘over’ flowers, was a nice way of showing just how knackered everything is, like, we’ve made such a mess of it we’ve even emotionally broken the bees. Everything is so goosed that even animals who would normally crack on with their lives without any sociological awareness weighing them down, would lose their desire to do anything because they’re too depressed by the state of things. 

In terms of the actual sound of the track, I went for a stripped-back, lo-fi vibe that allows for a more conversational style of delivery, rather than rapping my tits off like with my last tune ‘Tomato Soup’. Both of the singles are from my upcoming EP; Poetry, Not Prose, and since I produced every song on the project, I wanted to have some variation and explore different sounds. Boredom of The Bees is on the other end of the hype spectrum to Tomato Soup and a lot of the EP, and I think it provides a nice bit of respite from the chaos.

I always try to put a positive spin on any depressing song I write, and while I think there are elements of positivity in Boredom of The Bees, the fact that I’m basically talking about how everything is beyond buggered made it quite difficult to say ‘everything is also great’ at the end. But I’d argue there are definitely some optimistic aspects in there which I think are important to include, otherwise we’d all just be as depressed as the bees.

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