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Former frontman of Hartlepool band Aces & Sinners, Jamie Ainslie departs from the heavy rock music he was known for and embarks on a solo project, which has shifted towards a somewhat folk acoustic direction. His new single, Recover, will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday 13th March. Here, he talks about the inspiration behind the track.

Well, I began working on the track a couple of years ago in my old flat in Hartlepool. I had a bit of a goal to try and make a track that was acoustic as it’s something I had never considered trying before. The original concept I had for the track was envisioning it being a soundtrack for a film scene, where a character is hungover in their house and they are just slowly bringing themselves back from the dead the next morning, with the song being played quietly in the background. So when I started writing it, the lyrics were loosely based on describing exactly that, which I guess is where the song title and the chorus came from.

Over time the lyrics began to shy away from that vision and then it ended up developing towards more mental health themes, whether it was intentional or unintentional I genuinely can’t remember! I know there can be still a bit of a stigma behind that sort of thing but the track isn’t necessarily from a gloomy perspective, if anything it’s trying to find an upward inflexion throughout. The recurring theme in the verses is essentially highlighting the bad times that everybody goes through in life whether it being breakups, grief or just general low moods. The idea when writing this sort of thing down was to reiterate in such scenarios that time is a healer, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a lot of things can iron themselves out and for people to look forward.

I’ve played this song a lot to people over the past couple of years through open mics, gigs and things and the song seems to sit well with people which is great. The goal of having a track that was completely acoustic ended up not happening but the fact it is a full band arrangement on the recording gives the track a breath of fresh air. I actually think to the point where it’s actually quite happy sounding when the full band kicks in, which I suppose serves its purpose given the topic matter!

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