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Jake Jarratt takes his theatre show about masculinity back on the road, with performances of Blokes, Fellas, Geezers at Arts Centre Washington on Thursday 26th September and Gala Theatre, Durham on Saturday 5th October. We asked Jake to tell us a little more about his inspiration behind his one-man show.

“Blokes, Fellas, Geezers is a piece that’s very close to home for me. When performing it last year it focused on that masculine voice that dictates how young men should think and behave. When coming to it again; this time round with a massive help from Scott Young, our focus was to show what’s making this cycle continue.

“We’ve began to tease out the narrative of inherited masculinity and tried to figure out what the agencies are that influence older generations to push their toxic behaviours onto young men and boys. This time round the piece aims to stop pointing fingers and leaving audiences with a place for us to discuss working-class masculinities and our relationship with the topic.

“The piece is visiting some theatre venues it has never been to before. But, more importantly it’s going to community venues and will go up in-front of audiences who this may affect. Which is why I wanted to make the piece.”

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