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Sunderland alt-rockers, Hivemind kick off their 2020 with the release of their new single, Crying All The Time, coming out on 15th February followed by a headline show at Head Of Steam, Newcastle on 22nd February. Ahead of its release, the band discusses the inspiration behind their latest single.

Georgia: Have you ever been sad knowing that you should be happy? Or angry at something without having a proper cause for it so you feel a bit daft? Well, this song is kind of about that really. It’s about being frustrated and overly self-critical and about never feeling good enough. Ultimately… it’s about crying all the time. I think people can relate to this a lot, especially in this day and age, when we’re all constantly striving for the next best thing and comparing ourselves to others. It’s funny though because it’s not actually a sad song. It’s upbeat, it’s fun and it’s in-your-face. It’s a bit like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s, Date with the night, I reckon. Same tempo, a catchy riff and a sprinkle of some screamy high pitched vocals. I’m not trying to be Karen O though (I promise). Ok, maybe a little. 

James: It’s odd but the driving inspiration behind ‘Crying All the Time’ as a song concept is actually simplicity – which is definitely a first for us as a band. Georgia and I were messing about with some vocal ideas at practise one night and we fell in love with a two chorded chorus idea on our acoustic. Minimal. Catchy. Relatable. I knew right then that we were onto a banger. We had so many rhythmical and intricate verse ideas as well but, as is often the case with us, couldn’t find or decide on a perfect fit. It’s so mad how that happens to most of us as musicians. It’s frustrating but for us, it’s definitely an essential and a ritualistic process we go through now when writing songs. Trial and error. Trial and error. “That doesn’t work.” “That sounds class.” “Why don’t we try that bit again?” Worth it in the end and, in this case, less turned out to be radically more. The song speaks for itself really. Minimal… but absolutely mental. 

Steve: This song, man! We played it live last week for the first time and it went down an absolute treat, we were so pleased with the response. It’s proper ironic as well, given its depressive title. The melody and lyrics are so catchy; I think people really dig the intermittent cheerleader-esque style vocals too! It’s very different to our usual style and I quite like that. I don’t burn myself out with pedal dancing on this one either so I can literally just go wild on stage. I can completely let go and I love that. I probably spent more time creating the tone for this song than I have on any other song. Hilarious really because it’s so simple. Nice and crunchy! 

Jack: Yeah, I’m actually surprised at how well this song is being received by people despite it being one of our least intricate. Well, I’m not surprised because it’s a killer but It just goes to show you that sometimes less is actually more. We hit brick wall after brick wall trying to write something musically impressive when really all we needed to do was, to quote QOTSA, go with the flow, and ‘believe it in our heads’.   

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