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Newcastle/London-based pop-purveyor Gulz releases his latest single There’s Gotta Be More To Life, a track written, recorded and produced in the throws of lockdown that creates a musical time capsule into the strange way of life everyone got accustomed to during lockdown.

It’s an interesting and entertaining listen complete with its laid back, croaked up crooning vocals, witty and relatable lyrics about the everyday and music reminiscent of 80’s synth-pop combined with the opening credits theme of an American TV show.

Here, Gulz tells us more about what inspired the track…

There’s Gotta Be More To Life Than This evolved from a total creative rut. We were in the throws of lockdown and I had nothing to write about as absolutely nothing was going on in my life. I had these chords progressions and melodies I had been messing around with on my piano for ages and knew there was a song in it somewhere, but it sounded almost ‘too optimistic’ for such an unexciting period of time. I started to write about the everyday, mundane way of life I’d become accustomed to ie the poorly executed, uninspired breakfast I’d make for myself each morning, ‘scrambled eggs and a burnt piece of toast’ and the lack of social contact I’d grown used to – ‘friendships on a virtual basis’. The song started off as a bit of a joke but the lyrics seemed to match the melody annoyingly well. The song almost starts where it begins- in a perpetual cycle of boredom- which is what lockdown felt like. I was also drawn to the idea of an optimistic, major-key, pop instrumental juxtaposed with pessimistic lyrics- as a fan of The Smiths I really enjoyed this concept.

It’s a very different sound to my usual indie, guitar-laden tracks. That was not a conscious decision by me. At the time I was writing the track, I was certainly listening to more 80s-inspired music, however the more gentle melodies and synth sounds used for this track seemed to come more naturally to me than an energetic, riff-heavy guitar anthem. That probably had a lot to do with my sedate, stay-indoors lifestyle. These days, the tracks I am writing are a lot ‘louder’ and ‘livelier’, so it’s clear that the songs are a product of their environment. In this respect, I have no idea whether the style of writing I used on this track was a ‘one-off’ or has launched a new avenue of songwriting for me to explore and adapt.  We’ll have to wait and see I suppose…

Lockdown is coming to an end (thank God), and whilst it has been such a bizarre, uneventful time for most, it’s affected us all in some way, and is a period we may never forget. I want this song to represent a time capsule into the strange way of life we got so accustomed to during an unprecedented time- all squeezed into a three-minute pop tune. Enjoy.

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