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Newcastle’s indie outfit Great Waves deliver a vibrant blast of shimmering pop loveliness with their latest track, Close Encounters, a feel good anthem about taking a chance with love (awwww). The band, who began this year with a sold-out show at The Independent, Sunderland, had to cancel their planned concerts due to the current lockdown situation and instead focus on their music releases, the first of which is this fan favourite, with others to follow later in the year. 

Here, the band shares the inspiration behind the track…

David brought the guitar line that you hear at the beginning of Close Encounters to band practice and we all just seemed to know what to play, it evolved into what you hear in the track over one night. We had an idea that we felt had vibes from The Police as well as some pop influences such as The Band CAMINO. 

The lyrical content was about each of us getting into new relationships and generally feeling really good about them. Khyle sang the lyrics before he even knew what they were about. It’s essentially a big love song. The whole writing process was very natural, which we feel is how we write our best songs. We also feel like we enjoy them a lot more when they come together so easily. 

We recorded the single at home, as Khyle has a lot of experience with recording bands, composing and mixing tracks. We have a portable recording set up so we’re able to record the drums at Dan’s home, as well as Jack’s bass lines and then recorded the guitars and vocals at Khyle’s home. 

The recording process was really quick, but the mixing took a lot of time. Sometimes it feels like there’s things missing and it can be very frustrating. This can be the downside to DIY recording, as you can end up overdoing it sometimes, or being incredibly critical of yourselves. When you go into the studio and have someone else do that part of the process for you it can be a lot less critical of yourself. 

The artwork was lovingly crafted by RAT STAMP Artwork (Sarah Legender) who created a number of arts for us, for more singles that we intend to release over the coming months. 

Our last show was at the Independent, Sunderland. Just before the UK lockdown occurred and we’ve missed playing so much. We had an incredible turnout with some incredible support acts, it was a good show to end that early 2020 freedom with a bang.

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