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Hartlepool singer-songwriter GAZ Price gets off the blocks early with his first single of 2022, Down The Road. The track is an reflective, early 90’s indie offering with lashings of lovely (guitar) licks, chugging rhythm and a bright and breezy lead vocal with notes of Mark Chadwick and Jake Bugg. 

Here, GAZ tells us more about what inspired this latest release…

Ey up all, 

I feel like an introduction would be the best way to kick this off so here it is.

 I am GAZ Price, a singer songwriter from Hartlepool NE. I have been gigging and releasing music for around 3 years and If I had to give my music a genre, I would say it was Punk Britpop. 

It has the raw euphoric enthusiasm for life of Britpop and the harsh reality, social commentary of the punk ethos – or at least that’s what I feel it to be.  

Down the road is one of those songs that came out of nowhere and when the pen hit the paper, the full thing crafts itself. Like all of my music it is very rooted in reality, a reflection on life and my surroundings. I am very excited to get this song out there to kickstart 2022.
My process like the rest of my singles has been pretty typical in the approach to writing and recording. 

The acoustic version comes first, I record that on my phone and then write the lead while playing it on a loop. I then hit the studio with a few friends and lay it down in a day.  All of my previous music has been recorded in my Hometown. I myself prefer a song when it still has that raw live feel to it, not overly polished and produced to death. Even my biggest production Chase the Sun still has that raw quality to it. 

This single is more in the same vein as my first single from last year, The Muskerz Are Coming.

It’s a story about life in a deprived area and the people that make the area what it is. I feel people need an honest reflection to represent them, something they can claim as their own.  Every song always has a positive tone or spin to it because that’s the way I look at life.

 I hope a sense of pride in where we come from and who we are, resonates into my music. Some of us used to have scrap butties from the chippy for tea so we could afford some pints mate, but we were the happiest people on earth and that’s what this song means to me. It doesn’t matter what you have or who you are, being alive is the best feeling there is.

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