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Middlesbrough singer-songwriter Finn Forster is an artist who is winning people over with his smooth vocals and distinct indie-pop style. He has just released his third single, Sleep In His Clothes and so shares with us the inspiration behind his music.

I remember running riot around folk festivals as young as 8. My mam would right her mobile number on the inside of my forearm so I didn’t worry about getting in touch with her if I got lost or in trouble. I was surrounded by folk music as a child. I’m lucky enough to have a family of musicians. They go by my Mam’s maiden name The Shea Family Band. Irish folk covers were all I knew in the first few years of experiencing live music. That’s what inspired me to first pick up a guitar or violin as it was at first, but I was too hectic at 6 years old to carry that on. They made it so incredibly easy for me to want to learn, without even trying. I joined the family band at 14 when I could finally strum a couple of chords and not look too awkward. 

My songwriting came quite naturally but I do think my deep routes of early experiences with music inspired me to write firstly. It gave me a feeling inside that no cover of a song could ever do. Those first breakups you go through as a teen where everything it feels like the end of the world. I would sit at the end of my bed and come up with something and instantly remember a weight being lifted from my shoulders, like getting stuff off my chest in the form of a song. It was mad to begin with, but it’s addictive. 

A few heroes of mine are Paolo Nutini and Kelly Jones, I must admit even just listening to them or watching them live might spark something in my head now and then. I say to myself, I’m going to write a song like that, so kind of setting out to rip someone’s song off, but then it’ll end up being a completely different song, nothing like the one that inspired me in the first place.

 If you saw the notes in my phone, I can only describe it as opening a cabinet of files in a huge office building. Absolutely crammed with lyrics, verses, bridges and choruses. Some finished, some barely started. I don’t force myself to write, If sometimes it’s not happening, it’s not happening, but I make sure I’m always in the environment to be ready. At home I’ll have my guitar out constantly, I’ll watch a lot of live music. Songs are a weird one. You can spend months trying to come up with a masterpiece only to find all you needed was to be left alone in your room with a bottle of whiskey after a heavy night out. Some will go on to be the best songs I’ve ever written, some will only ever be heard by me. 

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