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Newcastle alt. rockers FEVA recently released a brand new single from their forthcoming EP. We’re Not Defective is a raucous slice of shimmering aggression which showcases the fervour of charismatic frontman Sam Reynolds’ vocals. The track is a centrepiece in the band’s forthcoming debut EP, due out in November; here, they tell us a little more about their inspiration behind the tracks and give us an inkling of what to expect…


This whole EP came about following our tour with The Pale White in March. Before then, in all honesty we were struggling with writing tunes that we all felt were good enough to release and get out there. As a band we have a very strict rule that we all have to love the track if its ever to make it out of the practice room, we’d wrote tunes but nothing that we all loved. The real inspiration behind actually making this EP was that tour with the boys. We all enjoyed it so much and loved that taste of being a full time band, that as soon as we got home, everyone just seemed to be totally energised and we were churning out song after song, we’d gone from one track in six months to five or six in the space of a few weeks.

Musically, the aim has always been the same, we all love the heavier rock music but with strong melodic hooks like Royal Blood, Audio slave, Band of Skulls etc. so we knew what we wanted to try and create. I feel like on this EP we’ve achieved that balance we’ve been looking for, for some time now, powerful songs with lyrics that we believe in.

We’re Not Defective
I actually got the inspiration for the title and general theme of this track from watching a TV program, I think it was Ozark, where an older sister said to her brother “We’re not defective you know.” I think it as just the perfect words at the perfect time for me and I wrote the song pretty quickly after that. It’s especially aimed at people who maybe struggle to fit in and don’t always feel like they belong, it’s actually quite hard to talk about things like this without sounding totally self-righteous and like you know all the answers. In my opinion, just fuck it, do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy, don’t worry about all the bullshit and that’s what I want people to think when they listen to this.

You’re Not Alone
“It’s easy to feel alone,
To break down when you get home
You’re not the only one
To feel like you’ve been outgrown,
You’re not alone”
I think these days more and more people are getting down and affected by mental health problems and this one’s just to let people know, they’re not alone, most definitely not.

Bitter Pill
Bitter pill is just balls to the wall 1000 miles per hour rock ‘n’ roll, with a cow bell.

I Wana Know
This song has been in the set for some time, it’s that old I don’t even know if I can remember what the inspiration was from. The riff came from Gibbo trying to mock my guitar playing ability and played the exact riff in the song; we all liked it and just wrote it in about 20 minutes. It’s just total energy, that’s what it’s about, it’s our favourite song to play live.



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