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North-East singer-songwriter Elizabeth Liddle follows up her previous release Waiting On The Next One with her next offering, You Don’t Owe Me. Elizabeth is an artist heavily influenced by artists of Laurel Canyon (such as Carole King, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell) and that comes through on this track with its soaring, evocative vocals, laid back beats and east coast-sounding keys, complete with intriguing changes and an finale that ebbs away like the Pacific tide.

Here, Elizabeth tells us more about what inspired the latest single…

You Don’t Owe Me is a very personal song to me, it will be my third single before the release of my debut EP which will be out this year! While I debated about releasing this song as the third single, myself, Dee Dowling, and the band worked hard on it, and I felt particularly passionate about it, so I changed my mind last minute!

In keeping with my first two releases, this song explores an organic sound inspired by 70s classic female singer-songwriters. The Carpenters were one of my main influences for this track, Karen Carpenter is one of my idols, and the Carpenters sound is so unique I did not try to replicate it, but I believe the style was influenced by them since they are one of my favourite bands.

The lyrics for this song have a lot of personal meaning to me, I am usually observational in my writing, drawing inspiration from what people have said or their experiences whereas this song is about my own experience. A lot of my favourite artists tell their own story within their lyrics and this has always inspired me. In terms of meanings, people may interpret songs in different ways. I connect to songs and relate them to my own life experiences, and I believe that’s why music is so powerful. I guess this is what I hope for my music one day, that someone can relate to the honesty, heartache, and personal reflections I put into my own lyrics.


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