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South Shields based band District Attorney release their new single, Mountaineer – the first release for Harbourmaster Records. The song comes from the singer Ian Smith’s archive and has been reimagined by the band. It’s a tender, The National-esque offering with dreamy guitars, hypnotic rhythms and deep, rich vocals beautifully harmonised by Carmen Green.

Here, Ian Smith tells us what inspired the song…

It goes back to 2009 and the reason I can remember the year is because that’s when All Is Well by Sam Amidon was released. My step sister had generously given me a subscription to a certain rock mag known for its monthly CDs (other rock mags are available) and on this particular freebie was a little piece of genius: Wild Bill Jones by Sam Amidon. A gorgeous reimagining of a blood-soaked ballad from the frontier. A tale of jealousy, violence and rivalry set to a keening melody and delivered in a high, pure voice. I was absolutely spellbound. 

I bought the album and carried it around in my pocket. I played it for everyone I knew, a one-man publicity team for that awesome record. I loved and still love that song and I wondered if I could possibly make something similar. Mountaineer is the result of those efforts. 

The two songs ended up being nothing alike of course and Mountaineer lay untouched for more than a decade, but it was always in the back of our minds to dig it up and give it some CPR. 

We recorded it at Harbourmaster productions (where we record everything). We’re in with the boss there. So after a long sleep it’s back again. Another song about jealousy, violence and rivalry. Isn’t that what pop music is all about?

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