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Dirty Chips are a production duo based in Gateshead and County Durham specialising in house music. This month, they release their brand new EP, so we caught up with them to find out more about the inspiration behind the release…

We started working on Cardboard City around February 2020, right as the pandemic was starting. We were getting used to working from home, being furloughed and staying indoors which meant more time for music in our downtime. We bounced around ideas via email, which we later boiled down into the EP

Thematically, the EP has an apocalyptic feel, probably because of the collective sense of dread that we all had at that time, it was a fun concept to play with artistically, imagining a collapsed society and people having to adapt, we wanted the EP to be a journey with a positive ending

Sound wise, we’re fans of the Chemical Brothers and Simian Mobile Disco, among others. Mutants In the Streets ended up with a bit of a Chemical Brothers vibe – not what we were aiming for intentionally, but we called it the Chemical Brothers track for a while.

Unconsciously we may have had bits of apocalypse movies that were guiding the concept, everything from Mad Max to Shaun of the Dead, we never related the EP back to films as such but this was definitely the headspace that we were creating from and it matched the uncertainty and mood at that time.”

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