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On Thursday 27th February at Gosforth Civic Theatre CaroleW Productions presents David McIver: Teleport. It’s a one-man show with elements of improvisation and laughs aplenty where audiences are invited into the realms of Warquest, a game of monsters, magic and level ups that gradually reveals a fraught and difficult reality.

David has written and performed in BBC Three’s Quickies, Newsjack and The Andy Field Experience as well as being picked for the BBC New Comedy Award 2018. Here, he shares with us the inspiration behind the production.

Between the ages of 12 to 16, I was obsessed with a genre of video game called Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs). As the name suggests, these are role-playing games that are played online with other players all over the world. Runescape, and later World of Warcraft, were my specific games of choice, in case you were wondering. In these games you complete quests, kill monsters, gain experience and level up, while exploring a gigantic fantasy world. So that’s what I did, every single day, pretty much from the moment I got home from school until my mum made me go to bed.

My obsession with these games coincided with some pretty challenging real-world events, and it’s easy to see the appeal of MMORPGs for a teenager that was struggling IRL (in real life). They offered me, to quote the title of another MMORPG, a second life. A second life with a perfectly fair and meritocratic system of logic, whereby the more hours you put into the game, the more experience points you would earn, the more powerful weapons and armour you would receive, and the better your second life would become. Although I spend my time battling hideous monsters in dungeons, it was a safe world in which death always led to resurrection, and sickness could always be cured. Logging on to World of Warcraft was an act of teleportation away from danger and into safety.

In my show Teleport I lead the audience through an MMORPG that I have made up, called Realms of Warquest. I wanted to make an autobiographical character comedy show about being a young teenager, and the world of MMORPGs struck me as the perfect place to set it. As well as being where I literally spent most of my time, it is also a place that’s rich with colourful fantasy characters, bizarre tropes and traditions, and simple, immersive storylines. 

After my run at the Prague, Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festivals last year, I’m delighted to be performing the show at the Gosforth Civic Theatre, my first visit to the NE, thanks to the help of my brilliant producer Carole Wears of CaroleW Productions.

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