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Purveyor of ‘Shogaze 2.0’ sounds, Crimewave, drops his latest single, Expendable. With it’s haunting lo-fi vocals and stuttering soundscapes, this track addresses the contempt the UK government has shown toward homeless people over the past decade. 

Here, Crimewave tells us more about what inspired this new release…

My inspiration for Expendable comes from the usual mix of late 80s/early 90s shoegaze alongside any contemporary electronic music I’m listening to at the time.

This time round the specific textures and samples were mainly informed by those on Arca’s &&&&& mixtape, which I’d basically had on loop for a year at that point. I want the beats to sound like they’re coming from a place so far away from the shoe-gaze guitars that they just about don’t make sense. As with all my music, all the melodic elements you hear are electronically processed guitars; nothing is synthesised.

The bulk of the whole track came together in one night in the middle of the November lockdown. My creative process is very disparate; the song idea, the lyrics and the chords/melodies are all usually conceived on different days, sometimes months apart. I record voice memos of guitars, store them away and then paste them into a song idea that works a long while later. I have banks of guitar parts waiting to be used once the right concept comes about; kind of like crate digging my own material. I think in the instance I’d written the guitar parts back in summer and only came up with the concept for the track that night.

The lyrical content of the track addresses the contempt the UK government has shown toward homeless people over the past decade and how the current pandemic has only made life harder and more desperate for them, but without any proper support to balance. The inspiration for the line ‘the streets you can leave if with disease’ came after hearing reports of homeless wanting to catch coronavirus in a bid to be looked after in hospital.

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