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Power-pop purveyor Cortney Dixon drops Stop This Party, her first single of 2023. Is an indie-flavoured offering with rhythmic verses, dreamy chorus and a rapturous finish (complete with elements reminiscent of Matt Berry’s Take My Hand – only a good thing) all beautifully adorned with Cortney’s distinctive and melodious vocal. The track is about enjoying the sesh at the expense of your dreams and ambitions, which is something I think we can all relate to… Except maybe for Cortney, who thankfully is utilising her time crafting bangers like this and gaining a reputation as one of the region’s most interesting and dynamic songwriters. 

Here, Cortney tells us what inspired the track…

Stop This Party came out of a jam I had with Stereophonics producer, Jim Lowe. It’s a reminder not to get swallowed up by the party and wake up one day having not achieved what you’d wanted. Coming from a working-class, northern background and drinking culture, where pursuing the arts isn’t the expected path, it’s important to push against the pressure to get a 9-5 and only live for the weekend. Nothing is handed to you and it’s understanding that it’s ok to want and ask for more… “shy bairns get nowt”.

The intentionally unpolished production is to capture the live raw energy and emotion in the studio, emphasising the message of the song. The live raucous guitars are inspired by my love of punk and growing up listening to bands such as THE CLASH. I wanted it to sound free-spirited, so when we recorded it live in Blank studios, we dropped the click out halfway through the song to allow us to naturally speed up and go for it. 

I’m so used to writing very melodic and “sing-y” verses. With this track, I wanted to do the opposite. I was listening a lot to Courtney Barnett and Bob Dylan at the time and I love the way the lyrics are half spoken and half sung. 

The ‘la-da-di-da-di-da-di-da-HAH’ was a spontaneous, tongue-in-cheek outburst I just had to leave in. Growing up I was very inspired by Cyndi Lauper and I love the way she incorporates a playfulness into her music and her voice. I think the amount I listened to her music as a kid meant the music was permanently absorbed into my brain and she continues to inspire me subconsciously in everything I do. 

Vocally I wanted to let loose at the end and channel my inner Stevie Nicks. One of my favourite things in this world is Fleetwood Mac’s live performance of Rhiannon in 1975. The end bit where she goes crazy and is so iconic! If you haven’t seen it then you NEED to! 

I can’t wait for you to hear it and I have some very special visuals coming soon after. Maybe my craziest video yet! 

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