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Middlesbrough-born singer-songwriter, Church, Honey, returns after a long spell away from music to treat us to a couple of ear-pleasing new ditties. His first single ‘Pity Sex is out now and is a smooth and soulful musical plea with big choruses and impassioned instrumentation. His second release, Church, is a more tender, acoustic affair and is due for release later in July.

Here, Church, Honey tells us about the inspiration behind his latest work…

I promised myself on New Year’s Eve that I wouldn’t go another year without making music.

Finding myself on the back-end of a three-year-hiatus, I knew if I didn’t make it happen for myself then the opportunity would never come knocking.

After years of playing solo under my own name, I felt I needed to distance myself from everything I’d done previously and start fresh – it’s too easy to take things personally when it’s your actual name being used. I then recruited two of my favourite musicians – Simon Shaw on Bass (Cape Cub, Travis Shaw) and Andrew Jones on drums (Bruto, John & the Ragmen).

I had written a song a few weeks earlier called Church, Honey – and I loved it so much I knew it had to be the name of the project – a chance to start fresh, to not be weighed down by what I’d done in the past and be able to make music that didn’t have to fit with what people already expected of me.

I sat on the steps of York Minster one night late in January and called up Jonny at Young Thugs Studio, (who had come recommended to me by a friend) and asked if he could help. We got into the studio three weeks later and recorded two songs over two days, with Jonny producing, mixing and playing additional instruments.

Pity Sex (released June 12th) is inspired by the last night spent with an ex-lover before you go your separate ways. It is a huge, atmospheric plea for one last moment of intimacy – a chance to fix all the broken things for just one night.

Sonically, Pity Sex is a big, anthemic indie-pop song with a  beautiful piano riff played by Jonny. I had to push myself further than I’ve ever gone before to do the song justice – both instrumentally and vocally (we recorded the chorus vocals until I had absolutely nothing left). We experimented with sounds that I’d never have used before – when we started recording the second verse I knew we’d made something totally different to anything I’ve done previously. For years I’d wanted to make a track people could dance to rather than cry to – and it finally felt like it had come to fruition.

I wanted the song to feel like anyone who has been in that situation could relate to it – so it’s not necessarily about me personally. I felt for years that you should never write something that isn’t true, but I’ve found that as I grow older I’m able to empathise more and tell stories that don’t belong to me- as long as I can find a way to make them believable and sound sincere.

Pity Sex is out now and available here.

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