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South of France born and Newcastle raised Cam Iyell drops his new single, Listen. The singer-songwriter writes music that blends a variety of musical genres such as Afro-Fusion, R&B and Pop.

Here, he tells us what inspired his latest musical offering…

I’m really excited to be releasing this track and for people to hear it as it’s one I hold close to my heart. I believe Listen is definitely one of my more personal songs giving people a small insight into my life behind closed doors.

When writing lyrics for my music I always like to delve into different styles and techniques, which help the listener create their own story and interpretation. Writing Listen was a challenging process for me as it was putting all my insecurities and flaws into something everyone could listen to at a click of a button showcasing forms of desperation, neediness, and self-deprivation.

With it being a simple guitar instrumental, I wanted to connect to the people listening using a relatable topic we have all experienced… Heartbreak. Creating a third-person perspective as if they were almost there watching me talk to the other person involved.

I always feel like writing my emotions is an escape from reality as it helps me express the way I feel and put it into something creative as normally I’d find it difficult to talk about my emotions and feelings. This often ends up with me surprising myself with thoughts I never knew I had as several studio sessions are accompanied with a drink in hand, I’d like to think that my personal experiences as well as people I have met in my life play a role of my Inspiration when creating my music.

The time it takes to write a song is completely random to me, varying from years to days sometimes. I have songs that I started in 2017 and re-visit them to this day. However, regarding my latest track Listen it took me one sad night. After a couple of rum and cokes at about 2am it didn’t take long for me to reflect on a previous relationship I had that didn’t work out well in the end.

Listen Is almost a plea from me to this individual to stay with me even though things would be better off finished, admitting to my obsessive and reckless behavior due to trust issues and alcoholism.


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