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Slacker-rock trio, bigfatbig look to build on a rather successful 2020, which saw them landing two places on Radio 1 DJ Jaguar’s BBC Sound playlists as well as a slot on Radio 1’s Big Weekend, with the release of their brand new single, Don’t Wanna Be Sad. The song’s crunchy, grungey tones, soulful vocal and massive sounding, earworm of a chorus suggests that the 2021 will be an even more successful year than the last.

Here, the band tells us what inspired this new track…

Don’t Wanna Be Sad was born out of the realisation that sometimes, to move on from really difficult things, you have to accept them first. I realised that to manage my sadness, I had to accept it, own it, process it, then learn how to move forward with the rest of my life, with sadness being part of it.

For a time, the chorus lyric “I don’t wanna be sad anymore,” became something of a mantra for the band. The monotony of feeling so consistently low struck a chord in recognising that just acknowledging a difficult time is not enough to do something about it, but it’s definitely the first step. This song is the voice of that turning point, it’s the voice of a time of realisation that changing your life takes a tangible and persistent effort.

Owning your emotions gives you power, and for me that power helped me carve out my path to dealing with my sadness. I know I’m not alone in struggling, so it would be cool if this song can do as much for other people as it did for me.

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