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Having already achieved major acclaim thanks to his emotive and cathartic songwriting, Newcastle songwriter Andrew Cushin unveils his brand new single, Waiting For The Rain, this month. Here, he talks about what inspires him to write…

For me personally, inspiration can come from anything. I’m quite fortunate that I can take something morbid and depressing and turn it into a song or a poem. My last singles, also being my first two, have proven that. Both being based or inspired by personal events such as arguments and fighting. I’ll always say that the songs I write come from the heart and I’ll always spend more time on the lyrics then the music, words always fascinate me with music so I guess songs with meaningful words inspire me as well. I mean, I can’t listen to Amy Winehouse’s Black To Black or The Arctic Monkeys’ Love is a Laserquest without being glued to every lyric.

It sounds dark and depressing to say that I’ve gotten a lot of my inspiration from violence and torment but unfortunately that’s what I had to work with; the songs I have written replicate that and especially some of the songs I’ve kept to myself, which are substantially morbid.

Still now though I have a new challenge. And that is to write songs in our current climate. It’s difficult to write a song that doesn’t relate to lockdown or social distancing and everybody that is doing that is just making me cringe…perhaps some of my new material I’m working on will end being rather uplifting, it all depends on what happens next. I think life inspires me the most, whether that being mine or some one else’s, if something amazing or catastrophic has happened and as long as it’s not too close to the bone, then I’ll write about it.


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