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Newcastle-based alt-rock outfit, Alex James Band drop their latest single, Waiting For Something. The track, with its fuzzed-up ferocity and impassioned vocals, is inspired by the likes of Royal Blood, The Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys.

Lead singer Alex suffers from a rare muscle wasting condition known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and channels his pain into writing music, as well as bringing wheelchairs onto the stage and advocating for change in the music industry.

Here, Alex tells us what inspired the band’s latest track…

“Our new track ‘Waiting For Something’ takes on a newly improved vibe and sound inspired by the likes of the Black Keys, QOTSA, The Pale White, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood. It embodies this idea of holding onto hope, conceptualising the feeling and eagerness of waiting for that one thing to happen that will change your life for the better and how we long for the day that the next door that opens leads to success.

When I was only 4 years old I was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a rare, life-limiting and progressive muscle wasting condition. The doctors told my parents that I would be in a wheelchair by 8 and had until 18 to live. Since then, I have surpassed this prognosis, walking until I was 21, completing two degrees in music at Newcastle University, including a master’s degree, and continuing to defy the odds, banding together as the rebranded world’s first DMD fronted alternative rock band based in North East England. 

Originally, we were just a wheelchair fronted band but I felt it was much more important and unique to bring attention to the Duchenne. As although there are a few Duchenne charities in the UK and across the world, it honestly still requires much greater attention so that more and more funding can be obtained to help researchers work towards finding a viable treatment/cure to save lives and stop this cancer of a condition from ruining the lives of families all across the world.

My past experience in life and the trauma of living with DMD is what inspired the track the most, as I have long awaited the day that someone with Duchenne can be successful in music and I hope this track is the step towards this. This hope is what keeps my mental health at bay and allows me to continue this journey and turn this pain into triumph. On top of this, I aim to raise awareness of DMD and take a stand against the status quo, working with venues/promoters to improve standards of accessibility for anyone with access needs in the music industry, bringing more wheelchairs to the stage and inspiring others (especially those with disabilities) to come forward and share their art with the world.

This song was ultimately written as an attempt to relate with others as I have always been the outcast according to society. Lyrically, it gives others a sense of hope, whilst musically it has a vibe that will have you dancing and singing along in no time. Go have a listen and enjoy, spread the word of the Alex James band.

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