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Newcastle alt-rock quartet Abnorm release their first single of 2022, Good Riddance. The track is a two and a half minute blast of sound complete with grungey stabs of guitar, crashing rhythms and soaring snarls of vocal.

Singer & lyricist Abbie tells us about what inspired this latest release…

“Good Riddance was a song I wrote when I was in a haze of rage. I had been pushed to my limits by work and I was struggling to hold my head above water. My job at the time was a run-of-the-mill hospitality bartending job that I started with bright eyes and an optimistic heart.

At this job, I was severely mistreated, and the managers who had caused me so much pain were both let go by the company. I wrote Good Riddance when I was still hurting, thinking of a time when I will be capable of looking back without wanting to tear my hair out.

Good Riddance started as a 6/8 sea shanty, because I’m originally from Hartlepool, I grew up by the sea and I was severely homesick at the time. Good Riddance is a middle finger to those who propel the downward spiral of workers’ rights. It’s about a revolution that we need and is yet to come.”

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