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Abel Raise The Cain are a euphoric indie-rock/power-pop band from the Teesside who were brought together by a mutual respect for the same genres of music, with influences from bands such as Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros and The Editors to name but a few. They have just released their brand new single, Shock and frontman Sean Crichton gives us more insight into the inspiration behind the track.

We decided to totally change things up on this new song and do something that we don’t normally do, our style of writing usually naturally leans towards the slower, building, laid back and the atmospheric, the majority of our singles have been slow burners in that respect, but this time we decided to do a balls to the wall, aggressive and intense number named ‘Shock’ which you could say has all the hallmarks of a traditional single in that its short and upbeat two boxes that we would never go out of our way to tick on previous releases, but we had done this song live for a while and it’s a good opener to get things moving along so we decided to record it just to show that we can do something other than the sweeping epic styled songs that we usually do and people are familiar with.

We teamed up with a producer for this one named Gethin Pearson (The Enemy) (Jaws) ( Mallory Knox), all the parts were recorded in our home studio as usual but we sent the recordings over to him to mix and knock it into shape, he’s definitely given it a different sound to previous tracks, his mixing style suited the aggressiveness of the song and he has definitely brought the intensity out of it. “Shock!” is a mythical story of revenge when the loss of belief, love and support of people brings about the fire, fury and rage of a madman with a point to prove, so it definitely needed some intensity. The original has explicit lyrics towards the end that we couldn’t really record otherwise it wouldn’t have been played on the radio or would have just resulted in one long bleep so they had to be changed which is still a bit strange hearing back cause it was far better with the inappropriate language haha.

Inspiration wise we were inspired the likes of The Editors with the guitars in the chorus, White Lies with the overall drum sound, Nirvana with the screams at the end, Beta Band with some of the zany synth sounds, our musical taste as a group is pretty much all over the shop, we never aim to write a song in a particular style, it will kind of develop that way naturally, any one song could end up sounding like 3 or 4 different songs depending on what avenue is taken at the writing stage, one musical idea be it on the guitar, the keys, the drums could launch it down a different path entirely, I remember reading somewhere that said artwork is never complete it’s just abandoned, which is totally true as the recording of a song is just a snapshot in time much like a photo, the song could still continue to grow and evolve indefinitely. It’s just the recording that sets it in stone. 

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