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Newcastle-based alt-rock outfit A New Nowhere drop their latest single, Runaway.  The track, with it its ominous-sounding bass, growling guitars and booming beats provides the perfect platform for the melodic lead vocal that switches from moody to soaring to evoke all sorts of feelings in the pit of my stomach, ranging from the dark to the euphoric.

Here, the band tell us a little about the inspiration behind the track…

I found a lot of inspiration for Runaway from bands like Alice In Chains, Linkin Park, and Staind. Their songs have always been inspiring to me musically. I feel they brilliantly tell a story through their music and lyrics. In our latest releases (Neurotic, Wretched) I was able to implement the storytelling aspect into these tracks through my lyrics aswell as the music, and ‘Runaway’ is no different. While I was writing this song I knew very early on that this song was going to have alot of meaning lyrically and be a powerful track. My inspiration really pour out into this song as I was able to express a lot of my past experiences. Writing this song allowed me to put all those emotions and feelings into the sound, especially in the lyrics.

As you listen to the lyrics you can probably tell what the song is about as it is heavily based on mental health experiences. A lot of people may relate to this song, and due to my inspirations, I am able to tell these stories through my songwriting.

I find that when Kev’s lead guitar, Ben’s drums and Jordan’s bass is added to the song, it gives the song even more power and emotion by incorporating their inspirations into this track. I believe ‘Runaway’ is going to be one of our biggest releases yet! There’s just so much that has been put into this track and we all hope you enjoy the song!


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