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Image by Max Miechowski

You may know Dry Cleaning from such albums as New Long Leg or Stumpwork, the latter released in 2022 with its Grammy award-winning cover art featuring pink soap and pubic hair arranged spelling out the album title. Maybe you’ve heard a song or two delivered with seemingly dispassionate or sardonic humour, exasperated cool and belligerent ennui by vocalist Florence Shaw. Take your pick, she covers all bases well.

The bands cut up/free association style lyrics renders their songs brilliantly biting, funny and tense. Shaw is often the calm in the centre amidst her bandmate’s post-punk musical adornments. They’ve been riding the wave of acclaim for a while now so it is an ideal time to catch them in their preferred habitat. You’re guaranteed an arch art performance full of equally angular rock delights, flickering glistens of guitar and shiny bass along with more than a smattering of sweary moments, that all reflect some big mood energy. Dry Cleaning are an oddly magnetic to watch, like a live art installation, so get yourselves along to The Grove, who’ve just celebrated their first anniversary. Keep the celebrations going with your new favourite, unexpected, party band.

Dry Cleaning play The Grove on Saturday 6th April.


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