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Words: Luke Scott

There’s something special about the North East music scene and the raw, untamed creativity it breeds. I run Sound Inc, a musical hub which has been nestled in Costa del Blaydon for the past 15 years.
Sound Inc is a rehearsal space first and foremost. We have
four unique rehearsal spaces and the building’s rabbit warren layout is constantly upgraded and made quirkier. We provide equipment hire for gigs and live events, music supplies for those annoying string-snapping/plectrum-losing moments, and gallons of coffee.
Our mission statement is to enrich the experience of our users and to do everything possible to cultivate a positive atmosphere and fast track success. We want to elevate the standard rehearsal experience to something which is thoroughly enjoyed, fondly remembered and heavily caffeinated.
We also work with a great selection of local industry to augment the careers of our clientele. In Heart Studios provide excellent recordings from the building next door to us, Atlas Touring are seasoned touring professionals who provide touring vehicles and personnel to the whole of Europe and beyond, while The Merch Guys are screen printers who ship UK wide.
During my time stewarding this bastion of musos, I’ve had the esteemed pleasure of enjoying thousands of different bands from all genres and disciplines. This
Mixtape highlights a selection of original local artists currently calling Sound Inc home.

Ten Eighty Trees – The Kick
Ten Eighty Trees are raw, loud and tight. The Kick is a perfect blend of everything that
they do best – driving guitars and heel-stomping rhythm propel a satisfying blend of differently textured sections with vocals that morph from raucous choral hook to electric verses. Hints of Bloc Party and subtle electronic elements are used sparingly and to great effect.

THRVNES – Conscience
Ethereal guitars from the off, THRVNES are a new band who bake together the best parts of all of their forebear musical projects. Melodies that go where your head-voice hopes that they might and great pacing and variety all help this solid alternative rock song shine. This track walks the careful line between not being too heavy or too light, resulting in a satisfying listen with excellent production and atmosphere.

The Band For Disease Control and Prevention – Read All About It
Where were TBFDCAP when we needed them?! These local punk veterans were probably taking notes for this unashamed critique on the state of the nation and its governance of late. Punk and politics go together like fish and chips, so if rowdy guitars, thumping drums and a zero manure attitude are your jam, dive in for a listen.

The Incognitos – Hey You
Funky, full of harmonies and a real contender for the driving playlist. Feel good vibes and a polished yet retro sound drip form this track. This is what Smooth Radio could sound like if they played more than 50 songs.

Spilt Milk – Grey Street
These chaps are young guns,
and unbridled, whimsical youth emanates from the heart of this indie-golden-era inspired track. An uplifting song exploding with local pride and confidence in the command of that good ol’ indie twang. Hints of Wombats and a good dash of 2007.

Hometruths – Soundtrack
This is everything you could want in a pop punk track. Excellent musicianship and production with all the -isms that make pop punk great. Great mastering and tight as heck playing allow everything in the mix the space to nail the sound it’s going for. If you’re into pop punk, Hometruths will be your new favourite band.

Tino Johnson – Portrait in Black
Two gentlemen, a guitar plugged into three amplifiers and an electric drum kit – what could possibly come of it? Delay. Lots of delay. Portrait
In Black is one of a five-track live EP and is chock full with atmosphere and late night drive vibes. We can imagine the main riff being sampled in a movie montage sequence.

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