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I’m a Northern Irish playwright based in Newcastle. My new play Day of the Flymo had its world premiere at Newcastle’s Live Theatre from Wednesday 8th until Saturday 11th April.

X101 – Sonic Destroyer

Some of my happiest times were spent at a techno night David Holmes used to put on in the Arts College in Belfast in the 90s, and I’ve been a devotee of this music ever since. The first whiff of Sonic Destroyer and I’m straight back there and it makes me very giddy indeed.

The Stiff Naked Fools – Rocket Man

The characters in my plays are often desperate souls and much of my working day is spent putting these poor creatures through the wringer. Sometimes, after a particularly grizzly day torturing, you ask yourself, “Am I just some kind of monster?” This song is a great antidote for such moments.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – The Message

This is brilliant storytelling and it was instrumental in my decision, around the age of 16, to live my life like I was in a hip-hop video circa 1985. Days were spent breakdancing and planning daring spray paint heists. The great tragedy of my situation was that I was growing up in Bangor and not the Bronx. Returning home to furious parents, wearing a sodden paper boiler suit supplied by the police after they’d taken my clothes for evidence, is an apt image of this folly.

Kerridge – Disgust

It’s imperative that halfway through your play the shit hits the fan in spectacular fashion. Samuel Kerridge can be relied upon to get you in the zone for writing these bits. He can get you in the zone for doing other things too, usually things in dark basements.

Sleaford Mods – Jolly Fucker

These lads are truly great. I discovered them fairly recently when they were supporting The Specials and have become obsessed. Pure unadulterated contempt is a muse which rarely gets the credit she deserves. Sleaford Mods lash it out by the skip-full and it’s always nice to find someone with kindred tastes in their objects of revulsion.

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th

I could have chosen any number of Aphex Twin tracks. I went with this one because I used it in my first full length play, which did well and meant I could write full time. Jolly times.

Lyn Collins – Think

I arrived at funk and soul sort of backwards, hunting down the samples from hip-hop records. If you can remain motionless throughout the playing of this record I’m sorry to inform you that you are clinically dead.

Arvo Part – Tabula Rasa

Here’s someone who operates on a different plane from the rest of us. I’ve been listening to a lot of this bloke of late. He’s brilliant.

Underworld – Cow Girl

More techno. I enjoyed seeing Underworld at the Sage Gateshead last month, it had been a long time. To some degree we are all prisoners of our pasts. Compiling this mixtape has cruelly highlighted that the music I listen to seems to be a lament for the passing of my youth. I can glimpse a horrendous mid-life crisis lurking on the horizon.

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