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Image: Four Tet & Martyn – Glassbeadgames

Words: Joseph Clarke

Driven by an insatiable appetite for underground dance music and a determination to unite open-minded and musically curious dancers, Backdrop remains a family run movement. Made up of Joseph Clarke, Simon Leeks (masked as BomBa) and Hester Cheuk, we curate longer DJ sets with globally admired and authentic artists. These extended sessions provide a captivating trip through underground techno/acid/house and beyond.

Join our collective mindset in 2016 as we bring Jane Fitz, Nick Höppner, Levon Vincent, Smoove (electronic set) and Tama Sumo b2b Prosumer (All Night Long) to World Headquarters. With regular support from BomBa (Backdrop residents), we promote muscular music for late night dancing. In addition to our nightclub revelry, we host regular raucous free parties at Ernest in the Ouseburn Valley.

Here we have collected what we consider to be timeless electronic records that continues to inspire and excite us, choice cuts that paved the way for our trip down the techno rabbit hole and key productions from Backdrop guests.

Fudge Fingas – What Works
His productions take in jazz infusions, deeper house grooves, bounding synths and wonky techno breakdowns, transcending today’s obsession with genre tagging. Three hours with him at our live stream party in Edinburgh was a highlight of 2015.

Amir Alexander – Necessary Sanctuary (3 am mix)
Just bought on much sought after repress, this raw house cut reminds you of what the now muddied term ‘deep’ originally meant. “Dancing is essential, elemental, simply fundamental,” defines the Vanguard Sound chief’s Newcastle debut for us last year.

Orbital – Planet of the Shapes
We saw them in the woods at Beat Herder and Halcyon was a truly magical raving moment. This track is exceptional also and the vocal is from a favourite film Withnail And I.

Nick Höppner – Relate (Black Madonna Remix)
Bought this record at Hard Wax in Berlin, surely one of the best vinyl shops on the planet. We can’t wait to have the Berghain/Panorama Bar resident join us Saturday 13th February. The Black Madonna is also in our sights for later this year!

Levon Vincent – Man or Mistress
Exceptional, sophisticated rave track. As typically muscular, hypnotic drums give way to a glorious, mind-melting synth, you realize why Levon is considered one of the finest producers of our time. Saturday 27th February sees the NYC don touch down at Backdrop.

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
“This is not house music” they told Joey on release of his genre-defining belter, “It’s too dark, this is something else.” They were right; with its unrivalled low-end and haunting vocal, this was techno. We heard this at The Warehouse Project on handing over to Fatboy Slim, he never bettered this track.

Four Tet & Martyn – Glassbeadgames (8 hour fabric dub)
An inspiration to us and many others, Kieran Hebden dropped this at an all-night set in Newcastle some time ago. He also played T2 – Heartbroken, which went off!

Om10 – Apophasis
Exceptional techno. Think Aphex Twin in bed with Jon Hopkins. The Sun Harmonics boss will be playing a live show for us on Saturday 30th January at Ernest.

Laurent Garnier – Man With The Red Face
On leaving Sisyphos nightclub in Berlin we promised one last dance before exit, this rang out on re-entry. Garnier details in Electrochoc that he taunted the saxophonist as he played better when angry, hence the red face. It was recorded in one take. Joe played the saxophone at school and would love to get this nailed for a BomBa live show!

Koreless – Sun
Lewis Roberts, aka Koreless, travels the world with his live show. Removing drums from electronic music is bold, he does so with a unique finesse. A spine-tingling track that would close a set beautifully.


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