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I’m Ian Todd, a comedian working under the guise of Feline Cake Party. I used to be part of the award winning comedy duo called Straitjacket. I started Feline Cake Party as a YouTube-based sketch show in 2018, there have been twelve episodes so far in the series. After years of doing stand-up, I decided to go back to sketches. One of the main reasons I got back into making sketch comedy was after meeting with Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad), after years of chatting on Skype he has always been very supportive of my work. I work on the sketches with the director, Simon Earp, and we film them across Newcastle. The latest special, The Adventures of Ken, is out now. The series includes music from local artists including The Fishery Commission, Chlorine, SDF, Badger, Razmataz Lorry Excitement, Tunnel Club and many more.

My Mixtape features songs which feature on the soundtrack of the latest episode and some which provided inspiration for Feline Cake Party. I’m always on the lookout for new unsigned music for future sketches, get in touch via [email protected] or follow me on Twitter.

Watch all episodes of Feline Cake Party on YouTube here.


Dressed In Wires – Lilt, Totally Tropical
I have known Simon for years and he also directs the show. I have always used his music in my work as there is always a wide spectrum of genres thrown in the mix. I often use the more ambient side of his work on my sketches, normally to evoke sadness

ako – Carrion Flower
ako is another act I found reading NARC., I loved his work straight away, it works perfectly with my writing. I do like electronica/dance anyway but his style always adds another dimension to my work.

Harbourmaster – Zig Zag
I have known Martin since the days of Squares etc. I found out he was doing this project and it worked perfectly with my odd masked man skit. I look forward to using more of his work in the future as it gives it a fresh zip.

harbourmaster · Zig Zag

Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express
What more can you say about this band? This is a perfect example of their genius. A dancey dystopian futurism classic.

Explosions In The Sky – It’s Natural To Be Afraid
I once saw them in a bar in Sunderland called Bar36, where they played in the round. What a band! Perfect for writing to and taking your mind to another world.

VCMG – Aftermaths
Vince Clarke and Martin Gore did a techno album and it was great. This is a particular favourite.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Mladic
I saw them at Sage Gateshead and this took the roof off, it builds and builds to an amazing ending.

The Presets – 14U+14ME
This is taken from the Aussie duo’s last album and it’s a synthed-up dance banger. If you don’t know them and you like synth pop, do search them out.

The Human League – Being Boiled (fast version)
I have seen the band too many times and I always wonder what they would have been like if they had continued down this route.

Mogwai – 2 Rights Make A Wrong (Special Moves version)
This is why the band are so special and get so much devotion, I feel this live version improves on the studio track and still gives me goosebumps to this day.

Pet Shop Boys – Happy People
I have included this as it’s a newish track by one of the best acts ever and it evokes the Very era of the band, making it incredibly new and fresh.

Portishead – Machine Gun
From the first out of kilter machine gun drum sounds to the synthy ending – if Portishead never make a new album at least they have given us this.


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