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Words: Boo from Ghetec

I’m Boo, an artist from Teesside. During lockdown I put all of my energy into producing music, I needed an outlet to express myself and found a cathartic release in music. I finally learnt how to mix my growing record collection and started putting mixes online for various platforms including Threads radio. I wanted a space where myself and others could DJ regularly, so I started Ghetec, which is set to launch this month. Its mission is to create fully sensory parties and a platform for boundary-less self expression. We will be pushing dynamic, forward-thinking electronic music in the region by bringing DJs to the city for their debut performances, whilst shining a light on under-represented local talent. We’re more interested in energy than genre and we’ll create more diversity through our bookings. A fully immersive dance floor, and a space that that is fun, carefree and safe. The Ghetec core DJs (a term we’re using rather than residents) are Annie Marron, Jacklyn and Boo. Our launch party is on Saturday 26th February at Cobalt Studios in Newcastle and we are bringing OK Williams for her debut performance in Newcastle with support from our core DJs. Expect a sensory journey into the faster tempos!

Here’s a few tracks that we’re currently enjoying.

Anetha – Gedo Senki
Anetha Is one of our favourites artists, with stand-out DJ sets, forward-thinking productions and her Mama Told Ya label, she’s always pushing the boundaries of club music. Gedo Senki is pacey and hypnotic, building into a trancelike sky scraper with rich sound design, chopped up vocals and an evolving arrangement. This track transports you somewhere else. Where? We don’t quite know!

DJ Slugo – Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe Too
A classic staple Ghetto house track which is the perfect mixing tool for any DJ! Sometimes less is more. This minimal track hits so hard due to its simplicity, pumping drums and iconic vocal. Guaranteed to get the dance floor moving, a Dance Mania classic.

Johannes Heil – Golden Dawn
After discovering this gem on Nina Kravizs Boiler Room, this record was purchased straight away! A magic and euphoric record which feels like it belongs in another realm. Golden dawn continues to build for almost eight minutes, with a pulsing bass line and synths which feel like shooting stars flying through infinity. Definitely looking forward to giving this one a spin at Ghetec!

Jacklyn – No Fear
Newcastle-based Jacklyn released No Fear on Acid Waxa last year. Written and produced in one afternoon, this soulful track is raw and emotive. It takes its inspiration and accompanying vocal sample from Nina Simone in a 1968 documentary where she is asked what it means to be free. No Fear has been circulating throughout the underground in recent months and captures the essence of what Ghetec is about.

Ransom Note · PREMIERE: Jacklyn – No Fear [Acid Waxa]

Boo – I See A Halo
Written during lockdown, my debut release on Rat Face Records, is an introspective take on club music. Ethereal and hazy, I See A Halo explores themes of desire and forgiveness through cascading synths, repeating vocals and rich sound design. This was the first track I finished and sang on, and sets the tone for what’s next! It’s raw, burnt out electronica and best listened to in the early hours!


Lauren Duffus – Stir Fry (Xtra)
Lauren Duffus has a really unique take on production. Stir Fry was a stand-out track last year, it’s a melancholic anthem which you could imagine closing a party with. Her monthly radio shows on NTS have a similar magic and we are always waiting to hear more from her.

LSDXOXO – Death Rattle
Death Rattle is the perfect party track, it’s uplifting and punchy with an instantly recognisable vocal. Sampling the famous dancehall track Head High (Kill Em With It) by Mr Vegas over breakbeat drums and stabbing synths. We are guaranteed to be playing some LSDXOXO at the Ghetec launch party!


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