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Words: Donny Jevs

Sappnin’? I’m Donny Jevs and I’ve been doing all sorts of music stuff in the North East since I was a teenager. I moved from Middlesbrough to Newcastle to study at the Academy of Music and Sound in Gateshead, where I was shown the ropes in Music Production and Business. Along with some of my mates, we put on free parties, raves and indie gigs from Tyne-to-Tees which allowed me to cut my teeth as an events organiser and gave me the opportunity to play some of my productions live (mainly dance music and hip-hop).
This was a blessing as I got to see that a gap could be bridged between so-called
indie kids, ravers and hip-hop junkies. I have since tried to put that knowledge to use in my own style of music, and the events I promote.

Currently I work with Middlesbrough’s hidden-gem venue, Disgraceland, hosting brilliant intimate raves and gigs. My first big event is TEESSOUND Festival, at Base Camp in Middlesbrough on Sunday 17th April. With live music, DJ sets, stalls, an exhibition from the Northern School of Art and all-out decor, the venue will be transformed into an all day-and-night festival. Alongside a local creative and the Arts Producer formally known as Scribelle, TEESSOUND Festival is brought to you by Pundits Network.

Chemistry – Can U See Me?

To set us up, this is the DJ that will be shutting down at TEESSOUND. Makina has been the quintessential sound of North East raves for decades and Chemistry’s sets always deliver, as does his latest remix which is set to be properly released very soon. He’s a fellow Teessider and this track is full of his textbook energy.

DJ Chemistry · Chemistry – Can U See Me

Alabama 3 – Whacked
A lockdown banger that takes me back to the not so long ago days of celebrating the weekend all days of the week. Alabama 3 remain one of my favourite ever bands; they mix
country and blues with acid house and techno – what’s not to love? This is just another in a long line of bangers from a unique and underrated band.

GZA – 4th Chamber
The Wu-Tang Clan were blown away when they put this track from GZA’s solo album into their live shows. RZA’s production combines a gritty
hip-hop beat with a thrashy guitar groove. For some reason they thought it was going to be a laid back break in the set – instead it had crowds bouncing and moshing.

Roger Waters – The Bravery of Being Out of Range
As timeless as this song is, I’m sure the writer sees that as a terrible thing. Although it is 30 years old, the message is still just as important. We’re still no closer peace and every few years the powers that be test their strength, treating war like a computer game and casualties as commodities: “
Just love those laser guided bombs / they’re really great for righting wrongs.” This is an updated version made in lockdown with a new verse that shows not much has changed in our attitudes to war, only that when it’s closer to home it matters more.

Jack Fox – Times & Places
You’ll struggle to get a family-friendly quote out of this production – North East rapper Jack Fox’s lyrics are just too dirty – but the crisp beat by DJ A.D.S cleans the track up. I first met him doing stand-up comedy and his humour is inside his music; well worth a listen.

Brad Robinson – Don’t Beg For a Feature
Not unlike myself, Brad is a Teessider with bags of style. He recently released his debut album Catch-22, and honestly it was hard to choose one track. Luckily this starts out with a sample I can quote since everyone in ‘Boro says it whenever we experience something we like, “Aw yeah that’s mint, tha’!”

Brad Robinson UK · Don’t Beg For a Feature

Blue Boy – Remember Me
This is my party tune! Unreal samples, unreal loops, unreal vocals –
it’s just class. 

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