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One of 2020’s most exciting new acts, Marketplace, release their exciting debut single, Hard 2 Love, to offer us some excitement in stagnant times. The Hartlepool outfit, who have already supported the likes of SPINN and Far Caspian, bring us a focus on the relationship between love and time in a three-minute indie-pop banger and so we caught up with them to find out about their… erm, favourite X Factor auditions!

Evie’s Pick – Ablisa
Ablisa the two cousins is an absolute classic, I vividly remember watching it on telly and howling. It was absolutely THE most dramatic audition. In the space of 5minutes, they walk on, tell Louis Walsh he’s fit, tell the audience to shut up, walk off, return, sing an excellent version of Shane Ward, ask one of the judges “who even are you” resulting in a punch in the face and a second walk off and then they had to be separated backstage

Matty’s Pick – Alan Penfold
Alan Penfold is arguably one of the most iconic X factor auditionees for his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Black or White. With his charismatic, non-creepy smile, he begins his routine by putting on a singular white glove and black shades and now he’s ready to bust a move. The jacket comes off and Alan is in the zone, paired with his Michael inspired choreography and pristine vocals, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Alan does not need a backing track, his voice is so rich and you can hardly tell he’s out of breath because of his voluptuous moves. During his audition, the judges are seen laughing at him but in actual fact, they just don’t know how to react to so much natural talent coming from one man.

Ross’ Pick – Onka Judge
Onka Judge is the nearest thing to MJ’s spiritual successor as far as I am concerned. He walks in proper sheepishly and seems he’s really not even sure if he wants to audition I think. Then he starts ‘singing’. It’s hard to describe it as such as he is pretty much just howling and whining for about two minutes. I have to give him credit however for being able to create an entirely new key. The bit that really creases me though is when he falls back about six feet thinking the wall is right behind him, then promptly falls on his knees and it clearly hurts so bad. His leaving line after not getting through is pretty epic though; “There’s only one Judge…That’s me, Onka Judge”.

Jack’s Pick – Ariel Burdett
Probably the most iconic x factor audition, in my opinion, goes to Ariel Burdett. The holistic vocal coach (whose students include bullet for my valentine’s very own Matt Huck) gets off to a great start, picking a fight with Cheryl, throwing her number sticker at the judges and refusing to stand on the X. Her singing technically isn’t even awful but her bad attitude and eccentric (to the say the least) personality really make this an audition to remember.

Joel’s Pick – Batman and Robin
For me, the pinnacle of the X-Factor auditions has to be when vigilante crime fighters Batman and Robin try their hand at pop stardom. Over their regular crimefighting attire they are dressed in none other than sand coloured chinos, a textbook classic. When asked about them they reply with, “we want to be pop stars and chinos make us look cool” (we took note of this). Unfortunately only Louie was there to judge as apparently there was a sale on in River Island and that is where the rest of the panel are. They break into no limit by 2 Unlimited holding nothing back with Robin leading with an impressive falsetto. Louie isn’t impressed and doesn’t let them through, causing the caped crusader to go into a meltdown and trash some of the room.

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